Monday 21 April 2014

Welcome to the blog!

In October 2006, I started my first blog, My Growing Passion, which was about science, Australian flora and fauna, and gardening. It marked a dramatic change in my life, when I decided to focus on science rather than the creative writing which had long been my bread and butter. I knew that I would never leave writing, but needed to feed my inner geek. So after a TAFE course in horticulture, I took on a degree in science and worked in a range of fascinating research jobs in biology. Unsurprisingly, the urge to create has never left me, so now I am back to writing, this time combining my interests in science fiction.

This blog and site are where I intend to track the process. In the blog, I'll also be linking to other writing sites, when I bump into something of interest. I'm hoping you'll join in conversations here about the craft of writing, about books and about the writing life.

So join me in a glass of virtual champagne, and toast the birth of my site!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog... (felixhayman aka sblake)

  2. Very nice looking blog. I'm looking forward to reading about your writing journey.

  3. Carol, I hope you'll post here lots and share your thoughts and experiences!